Children architecture

Children have incredible talents which make adults surprise because of unexpected idea and acquiring speed of social and communication skill.  I feel that every time when I do architecture workshop for children who are 3 to 8years old. 

Every time, there are same flow in workshop. I mean, at first they play nervously because this is new toy so they try to understand how to play with this. Next they know the way of use and try to imagine what they can build. Finally they communicate with another children and make ideas which I couldn’t expected like skyscraper reached on ceiling or castle for Pokemon.  

In my conclusion of this column, children can make a new idea if they have opportunity to communicate with another person and to exercise which make their brain be opened. I suppose this is also same in adults. Now we are in a difficult situation but I believe it is possible to surpass if you have someone who can communicate and exercise for healthy. 


Rasu Watanabe


Stay home, stay be artist. 

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