Type. 1, 2, 3

These are kit types to build a house in a house.

Type1 is the smallest and Type3 is the biggest.

And we recommend that you decorate the house.

For example drawing, painting and making a new window. 


Contents are not only paper-tubes and plastic joints but also cardboards as walls.

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Movie  [ Type.1~3 ]




Type1(Basic kit)


Type 1 is a smallest size in cacapo' kit type. 

This is suitable size for reading books, playing ZEN or children.


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Galley  [ Type1 ]




Type2(Basic kit+Extension kit A)


Have you ever feel the situation you can't concentrate ?

Type 2 is suitable size for working and studying.

In this hut, you will be more productive.


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Galley [ type.2 ]



Type3(Basic kit+Extension kit A

+Extension kit B)


Type3 is suitable for people who are together with friends.

In this room, we can close not only physical but also psychological.


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Galley [ Type.3 ]

Movie [ how to make ]