This simplest system is also good for children as education.

Children will be more Dynamic, Communicative and Creative !


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Children make big structures like houses and building. This is new type of toy and they will be more concentrate because structures are so big that they've never experienced. 

But Dynamic means not only structures but also imagination and action.


It is difficult for one person to build big structures. So they communicate each other. In addition, after a while, they exchange ideas to build what they want to build . These experience make them be more communicative. 


Thanks to this simple system, children can make whatever they can imagine and take a trial and error experiences. This experiment is the process which children will be creative.


- Paper-tubes -

・60cm × 6 

・43cm × 7

・28cm × 9

・13cm × 21


- Joints -

・5legs  × 20

・1legs × 6

・heng × 14

[Length of Paper-tubes]

We can't make a big cube if you use same length paper-tubes. But you can build a cube if you make a combination of another length paper-tubes like the figure to the left.


In typeE, all of length of paper-tubes are not enough to make a perfect shape like cubes and we cognitive relationship among each lengths. This is Math and physics thinking. 


[Architecture version]


[Communication Version]