moby dick inc.

Project Planning, Development and design company. 

Manager : Rasu Watanabe



I studied at architecture department in Hosei university, Tokyo.

After graduation, I had worked as a welder for 2 years. And now I am working for

"moby dick inc." as a designer and a project manager.

In addition, I am teaching architectures, math, physics and science for children in Düsseldorf, Germany.





・Archi-Aid(April, 2011-March, 2014) : Working for disaster-stricken area and helping to make a master plan of this area.

・AIA America architecture tour(2014) : Inspect American architect lifestyle, culture, or Backgrounders.

Undergraduate thesis won an award in Hosei University: About change of a house.

Undergraduate design won an award in Hosei University : About Renovation a house with history.

Undergraduate design won an Taira Nishizawa award in Hosei University : About Renovation a house with history.

・Certification of steel :  welding(SA-3F), Management of steel work

・Workshop : Flooded Summer School 2018