[WHAT’S  cacapo..?]

'cacapo' is a system to make environments in your house.

We don't need tools like screwdriver so we can make or remake our environment whenever we want.

And the system is very simple and flexible as we can make comfortable surroundings wherever, whoever and whatever.

[Materials ]

cacapo is only consisted of paper-tubes and 3 types of plastic joints.

Whoever can use this simple system and build constructions like table, wall and house.

If the structure you made doesn't fit you, you can remake as many as you want.


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About logo

There is a bird called "Kakapo" in NZ.

He is the world’s only flightless, the heaviest and nocturnal parrots. 


They’re skilled at tree-climbing and have powerful thighs for walking long distances, making them well-adapted to their particular environment. 


Cacapo is very simple system and well-adapted to every places.

We hope people make a comfortable environment using this system.